We are Sweetgrass Granola.

Sweetgrass Granola started in 2013 on a small family farm in Berea, Kentucky.

The company’s flagship product has grown from a simple farmers market stand to a visible brand that is available throughout Kentucky and growing outside of the region. We celebrate the producers of the American South and Appalachia by sourcing 40% of our ingredients from local and regional farmers. Our combination of southern-grown heritage ingredients includes: southern sorghum syrup, hemp seeds, chia seeds, Appalachian sea salt and wild seedling pecans, creating a flavor that is unique to the south without any artificial hooey.

we support small-scale U.S. farmers

Our current locally or regionally sourced ingredients:

Pure Cane Sorghum Syrup

Townsend Sorghum Mill in Jeffersonville, KY.

"Townsend’s Sorghum has been produced on the same farm in Jeffersonville, Kentucky since the late 1800s. Townsend’s Sorghum is currently being produced by the fifth generation family patriarch Danny Townsend. Danny took the reins of the family business in the mid-1980s. Since that time, Townsend’s Sorghum has been instrumental in sorghum’s revival."


Shelled Hemp Seeds

Victory Hemp Foods in Carrolton, KY.

"In 2014, with the passage of the Farm Bill re-legitimizing industrial hemp production, our Founder Chad Rosen moved to Kentucky, once America’s hemp heartland. He began work to grow the supply chain for hemp seed in the U.S. and Victory Hemp Foods was born in 2016."


Appalachian Sea Salt

J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile in Malden, WV.

“Sourced from an ancient, untouched sea called the Iapetus Ocean – predating the Atlantic Ocean, yet trapped below the Appalachian mountains — our salt is free of contaminants and heavy metals that may be found in other oceans.  Gleaned from the earth by an underground brine aquifer, the salt is then processed naturally using the power of the sun and gentle mountain breezes.”


Chia Seeds

Heartland Chia in Franklin, KY.

“Heartland Chia offers the first and only chia grown in the Midwest! Our chia is 100% non-GMO and grown using sustainable production practices on family farms in the U.S.”


Look for us at these locations:

Good Foods Co-op (Lexington)

Kroger Stores (Lexington)

Locals Food Hub & Pizza Pub (Frankfort)

Pasta Garage Bodega (Lexington)

Coming soon to Publix in Lexington & Louisville!